TRACKING – Record through a series of outboard preamps, compressors, and EQ’s and top tier microphones to insure the right sound on every recording.

MIXING – Finalize and perfect your projects with 20+ years of mixing experience.

PRODUCING– Building a vision from nothing but an artist’s mind determining the proper scales and chords until we make the record perfect

BEATS – Select from a catalogue of beats which range from rock to hip-hop, trip-hop, psychedelic, G Funk / West Coast, Boom Bap, Industrial, ambient and more.

SAMPLE PACKS– With a arsenal of unique sounds that come from old analog synths, drums machines, guitars, acoustic instruments, and percussion we have tons of sounds and loops to choose from.  Inquire about get custom sample packs to fit your project.

COMPOSING/SCORE– Digging deep into a picture or song to add anticipation for any climax or resolution as desired.  With the wide array of instruments, sounds, and imagination there is no limit.

RENTAL – Rent the studio out with your team for privacy and efficiency.  Need an amp or guitar to rent for a live performance?  Call or email for more details.

VOICEOVER – Add flavor to your voice for reels, animation, radio ads, and more.

MUSICIAN FOR HIRE/SESSION WORK – We have a network of talented musicians that can play out your guitar, bass, horns, strings, and any percussion that is needed for your project.

MASTERING – Reaching peak decimal using industry standard equipment. Making songs radio ready!


Ready to make some music? Contact us today to get started.